Car rental with driver

Car rental with driver

Rent a car with a driver, the main activity of the company Luxcar. We offer for rent luxury cars, minibuses and buses. Dozens of legal entities and enterprises have already cooperated with us and have already appreciated the quality of service, becoming our regular customers.
The cost of renting a car with a driver in our company is one of the lowest in Minsk. Our drivers are highly qualified and perfectly oriented in Minsk and in Belarus.

We offer

• Transfer to the airport, station
• Rent a car for business trips
• Minibuses and buses for travel

Why is it profitable to rent a car with a driver?

Rent a car with a driver is a great way to avoid dozens of unpleasant situations associated with movement in Belarus. Another advantage of renting a car with a driver in Minsk is the factor that, unlike a taxi, where the payment goes per kilometer, the company Luxar offers rental cars with hourly rates. Thus, ordering a rental car with a driver, you do not think about kilometers, since you only pay for the rental time.

Our advantages:

• Highly skilled drivers
• Large selection of luxury cars
• Affordable prices and long-term rental
• Flexible terms of cooperation
• We work around the clock seven days a week and holidays

How to order a car with a driver in the company Luxar?

1. Choose a car in the car park section
2. Leave the application by clicking the button to book and our manager will contact you.
3. Filing cars from 15 minutes

A successful business is a constant movement. Business trips, flights, business meetings and that's not all. To maintain your status in any situation, rent a car with a driver in the company "Luxar".

We guarantee:

• Traffic safety
• High level of service and comfort
• Correct driver behavior
• Order execution accuracy

 Rent a car with a driver in the company Luxar is prestige, mobility, comfort!