Excursions in Belarus

Excursions in Belarus

Belarus is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, rich in culture and lifestyle. Familiar and at the same time full of mysteries of its history, many-sided, incomprehensible and ever-changing: perhaps not one person, even if he is a native resident of Belarus cannot say with complete confidence that he knows everything about Belarus. You can study the history and culture of Belarus endlessly and each time you will discover new facets of this country. Therefore, excursions in Belarus are diverse and each person will find an interesting topic for research.

 People who have visited Belarus for the first time will want to at least touch its history. Our country has preserved a lot of historical sites and castles that preserve their history for many centuries. For those who come to Belarus for just a few days, we offer sightseeing tours by bus with a visit to the memorable places of our country.

Professional guides, conducting tours of Belarus, for a long time and painstakingly select only the most interesting information that you will not find on the Internet or in the tourist literature. Therefore, taking part in a tour of Belarus, you will learn many interesting facts and discover Belarus from the new side.

The Luxar company offers:

  • Sightseeing tours in Belarus and Minsk on comfortable buses and minibuses
  • Thematic excursions dedicated to significant places of Belarus. For example, tours of castles, temples or monasteries of Belarus
  • Historical excursions in Belarus devoted to museums, memorials and historical cities of Belarus
  • One-day and multi-day tours in Belarus
  • Individual excursions

You can book a tour along existing routes or book an individual tour, which will be designed taking into account all your wishes. Excursions are conducted by professional guides who will be able to answer all your questions and tell you interesting facts about the history and culture of Belarus.

We invite you to learn about the beauty and versatility of Belarus. Republic, which for its existence has seen a lot of happiness and sorrow, victories and defeats. Discover Belarus, which you did not know, by taking part in unique sightseeing tours.

You can learn more details or book a guided tour in Belarus by phone +375293356016